ACI Control Valve Center

With the development of technologies, there are many styles of Control Valves bodies. Some of them can be applied to meet various requirements. Following are introductions about some ones.

The first one is the single-port valve bodies. It is the most common style and is simple in construction. It is available in various forms, such as globe, angle, bar stock, forged, and split constructions. Generally, single-port valves are specified for applications with stringent shutoff requirements. They use metal-to-metal seating surfaces or soft-seating with PTFE or other composition materials forming the seal. They can handle most service requirements. Because high-pressure fluid is normally loading the entire area of the port, the unbalance force created must be considered in selecting actuators for them.

Balanced-plug cage-style valve body is also a popular type. It is single ported in the sense that only one seat ring is used, provides the advantages of a balanced valve plug often associated only with double-ported ones. Cage-style trim provides valve plug guiding, seat ring retention, and flow characterization. In addition to a sliding piston ring-type seal between the upper portion of the valves plug and the wall of the cage cylinder virtually eliminates leakage of the upstream high pressure fluid into the lower pressure downstream system.